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20 August 2009 @ 03:53 pm
journal of impossible things ; PAGE SIXTY-SIX & SIXTY-SEVEN  

doctor who,journal of impossible things,ood 


I have seen the opposite of a star. A darkness rather than a light on the world
There is a world that lives here, terribly close to disaster. It feels most like a vision, a prophecy. Like something out of astrology, that the placing of these starts is stars is important.


Rocks black rocks
Firy ball (or/on) a black ball astrology


There was many of them

They looked like they had worm over there faces

Weird things with what look like worms coming out of their faces

Small men with worm like faces

Dark rocks and bumpy ground it has a bright light although I do not know where it is

Dark rocks

Dark everything so dark it is all dark