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20 August 2009 @ 03:59 pm
journal of impossible things ; PAGE SIXTY-EIGHT & SIXTY-NINE  

doctor who,journal of impossible things 


And further into the nightmare, there was a pit. And there was a voice from the pit.
And it wrote itself onto mens faces. It sought an escape into the world of men.
It was a beast, I am sure. The thing inside is all that we must not let out.
A broken clock or a broken mirror will let it out

Chains I keep thinking of something that was chaind


Firey pit of the beast that lived in the pit

The beast it’s the beast

Beast in chains he was chained

Horns he lived in a pit

Red and fire


There was a man.

Red eyes he had red eyes

The man that had letters no symbols on his face

The man with symbols on his face he had symbols on his face

Flaming pit a pit of flames